Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seattle Regionals

I had so much fun today! I went to the Stampin' Up! Seattle Regionals conference. It's a mini-convention. So much fun! I hung out with some sidelines of mine and a customer, Bri, who also had a blast. I think Bri's favorite thing was swapping card fronts. It is so fun to get new ideas from others and also to have your creations validated. We learned many new things, so I might just have to schedule 2 different classes to show them all to you. Be on the look out. And tomorrow, I'll try to post one of my swaps that I brought along. It was a quick and simple design.

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  1. So glad you had fun . . . I can't wait to see you at Convention 'cause that is like Regionals on Steroids! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. It was a blast! Thanks Julie for taking me. P.S. could you bring tangerine tango ink (or marker) to Ashleys party so I can finish my basket?

  3. I wanna know what you learned!!! Sounds like a great time!!