Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stamping with Junior High Students

Oh yeah! I was able to go to my oldest son's junior high class at Shoreline Christian School to stamp a card with them. The focus was the Big Shot, but I also had them doing a lot with the punches. We kept this fairly simple so that it would require little instruction and so that 21 kids who signed up for this could all make the card during one class period. The kids all did a wonderful job, some following the sample card and some going off on their own to make a completely different card. I love seeing how one card design can morph into many others. Hope you enjoyed the story. I'll post some graduation money holders next.

Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station.

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  1. How cool! Bet the boys really liked crankin' the ol' Big Shot. . . . .

  2. What a fun activity for them, Julie!! Love your project.