Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's Another Cutie, Courtesy of My Digital Studio

This is another page that I made yesterday. The background is from the Write Stuff II download. Isn't it great???!!! My Nate boy is playing his second year of baseball and is having fun. (Though the season seems a bit long to him.) He usually plays right field or third base. Ok, enough bragging. See how easy it is to use My Digital Studio? I used a photo layout, added text into the text boxes, added the "go team" and "game on" stamps and recolored them, lightened the photos and cropped them with MDS and then I'm done. Ta da! Can scrapbooking get any easier than that? And now I'll send them away for printing so that all of the colors will be exactly SU!, though I could just get them printed at Kinkos or Costco. I think I'll try a calendar next. :-) Yes, MDS also has calendar options.
Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station. I'll try to stop showing off my boys, though I haven't posted a page of my oldest son recently. I'll try to hold off on that one for awhile.
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  1. Don't you just LOVE MDS???? I know I do!
    Love the page!

  2. What wonderful pictures, Julie, and I love the layout!!! You are getting to be such a master at digi scrapping!!! There may be hope for me yet....LOL!!!!

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  4. You are amazing with the MDS!! I just love what you do, wish I could grasp it! Great job my friend!!