Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Warning: Website Based Scrapbooks Aren't Intuitive or Creative!

Yes, it does sound like I'm biased, but it's totally true!  We were crunched for time this Christmas so I went to the S******h website to make some quick calendars and "save some money."  Hahahaha!  Joke's on me!  After struggling with the program (which doesn't let you resize your photos) and after many many MANY messages of "warning: low resolution", I gave up and went back to My Digital Studio.  (Yes, My Digital Studio also helps you design calendars....)  Wow, what a difference!  And at the advice of another SU person, I got it printed at C****o and saved a ton of money there, too!  Only $9.99 per calendar!  Yes, I really have learned my lesson.  Here are a few of the pages that I made....

This first page is for January on my Mom and Dad's calendar.  I used a background snowflake Designer Paper, put a few snowflake stamps on it and colored them white, then added a shadow behind the snowflakes so that they would stand out a bit.  Simple and fun!  And best of all, I got to decide how the pics would be arranged and if I wanted a mat and what size and color for the mats!  Sure adds a lot to the page.

This is February on my Mom and Dad's calendar.  It features my only niece on this side of the family and some of her cousins who love her dearly!  After selecting the Designer Paper from my Love Letters set, I put torn edges around the upper and sides, then added the curlies across the bottom.  I also added the two hearts, chose the color that matched the curlies and the DP, then added the shadow behind them to add dimension.
This is the February page from my in-laws' calendar.  These are my only two nieces from this side of the family.  (Both families are woefully short on the female offspring!)  After putting the heart stamps on this one, I recolored them, using the color picker.  I chose one of the pinks that's in my niece's dress.  How wonderful to be able to dress up your pages by matching up the colors in the photos to your embellishments!
 So now can you see why I wasn't satisfied with the crazy placement and limitations of the online program?  I'm never going back again.  I've learned my lesson and learned it well!

Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station.  I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's. 

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Julie! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! It came and went so quickly this year.
    Love your scrapbook pages. Getting my photos all together is on my 2012 to-do list. Again :)
    Happy new year, my friend!