Thursday, March 26, 2009

3-D Punched Cardstock Flowers Tutorial

Here is the tutorial that I promised you. It's a fun way to make beautiful 3-D flowers without spending the money on the fancy stuff.
The first thing you want to do is punch some flowers out of your SU! cardstock (or comparable) with the Trio Flowers Punch from SU! Place a flower on your Foam Mat and press on a petal with the large side of your standard stylus. Go ahead and press hard. If you folowed directions and used SU! cardstock, there's little chance that you'll break through the cardstock.

Continue around the flower, pressing on each petal. This will give you a flower that has all the petals facing in.

Flip the flower over and press in the center with your stylus, hard enough so that the flower "turns inside out" and you have definition between the petals. As long as you're using thick cardstock (SU!) and the larger end of your stylus, you shouldn't have a problem with breaking through the flower.

When you finish, you'll have this lovely flower shape. The best way to adhere them to your card is to use Mini Glue Dots. I like to put a little color or bling on the center of the flowers. If you want color, use a marker or blender pen and then use a white gel pen over that.

Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station and thanks for being patient with me for taking an extra day before posting this.

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