Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Regionals Swap CASE

 Sorry about the bad lighting and the flipped photo.  Blogger is still giving me trouble with portrait style photos.  :(  Anyway, this is a swap that my upline Sharon received.  We were sitting at the Rib Eye Restaurant, (somewhere south of Chehalis and they have really delicious food!) and I just had to click a picture of it.  The design is so simple and the Very Vanilla really is beautiful with the Blushing Bride In Color.  So, snapped a photo and of COURSE I had to CASE it!  So, without referring to the original card/photo, I went downstairs and made my own.  BTW, the swapper didn't put their name on the back, so I am unable to let you know who came up with this beauty.
And this is my version.  :-)  I flipped the textured Vanilla over and stamped the French Script on the flat side.  You'll need to click on it to see how the texture doesn't have the french script on it.  I thought the Oval All sentiment would go nicely with the texture folder and I think I really like it.  Besides, I don't have the new punch yet to completely CASE the original, so this will have to do.

Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station.  Happy November to you!  (Can it really be November already???!!!!)

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1 comment:

  1. This is a great card. TFS! I think I may CASE yours!