Monday, November 29, 2010

SHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's a secret! :-D

Don't tell, but we're making a beautiful calendar for my in-laws for Christmas!  We've designed it on My Digital Studio and it was so easy.  Since the calendar contains pics of my children and nieces and nephews, I chose to just share the ones with my kids on them.  (Easier than getting permission and then the whole surprise would be out there!)  Anyway, here's your sneak peek of our 12 x 12 personalized calendar...

Nate's my middle child.  His smile and laugh are very infectious. 

Todd is my oldest.  He enjoyed Hawaii, but was sick of the heat after 3 days and wanted to go back home.  The silver lining on that one is that hopefully he'll always live close to us and not move to the other side of the country!
Zach is my youngest.  He's full of all kinds of personality.  He's also a ham! 

So now you need to keep this quiet and don't tell my in-laws, k?  I'm counting on you!  Oh, and if you want to have the same fun, My Digital Studio (which we used to make the calendar) is 50% off through tomorrow (the 30th), so go click on the shop now button at the top of my blog and order quick before you have to pay full price for this amazing tool.

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  1. What a lovely family and beautiful pages, Julie!

  2. What fabulous pictures, boys are sooo handsome!!! This will make such a great gift for your in-laws...they are going to love it!!!!