Monday, May 23, 2011

Scrapping Camping Photos With Walk in the Woods

We went camping last October when the kids had some time off for the CSI Teacher's Convention.  We had never camped at Lake Wenatchee State Park before, so decided to head there.  Besides, it's on the east side of the Cascade mountains, so there was a better chance of not getting rained on.  This is what the first day and a half looked like. 
 The kids found giant mushrooms growing on the forest floor around the campsite and had a blast chopping them up with the hatchet.  Yes, we made sure there was a rule that you don't pick up the hatchet unless one of the parents is supervising.  I used one of the mushroom photos for the backgrounds on these two opposing pages and brought the opacity down to about 40%.  I love being able to journal directly on the page instead of having to make a journaling box.  That is one of the many benefits of digital scrapping! 
 And while we were there, we did have to do some exploring.  ;-)  The lake was beautiful and since it was the off-season, hardly anyone was there.  Except the bears.  Yes, I did say the bears.  Apparently right before we left for our trip, a man was mauled next to his cabin which is on the same lake as the campground.  All he did was walk outside.  Scary!  It's a good thing we didn't know about it because I was already on high alert during the night and on our day excursions!

The campground we were at had apparently seen more bear activity also, so they didn't allow any garbage left out overnight, even in the bear-proof cans.  So we taught the kids about making noise on the trails and to and from the bathrooms (which were a good hike away) and how not to walk alone.  I guess I can't blame the bears for being there ... after all, look how gorgeous it is?! 
So on these two pages, I used my Woodland Walk DP.  I didn't want to muddy it up too much, since the paper already had a great design, so I just used a couple of strips of color and some Hodgepodge Hardware to decorate.  I think the scenery does the rest. 
So, what have you done with your digital scrapping lately?  We'd love to see it!
Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station. 
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  1. What fabulous pictures, Julie..looks like you have a great time...I'm not too sure about the are braver than I, for sure!!!