Friday, August 28, 2009

Christmas Card Challenge

Hurray! Finally! The computer decided to download the pictures in a different place with the exact same file name ... but I finally figured it out. Whew!

My blogging buddy Georgeann and I have challenged each other to create two Christmas cards each week, one a simpler card and the other, more involved. This is my simpler card. No, not one I would mass-produce, but I wanted to use my ribbon roses. The frame of the flowers is a leftover piece from my lattice die. I just couldn't throw away a perfectly good frame, so this is the other element that I was designing around. The background of the flowers is a baby wipe, folded in 1/4's and dripped on with two colors of reinkers. Just pick up the baby wipe and daub it on glossy white cardstock for this fun background. The flowers are from Close as a Memory and the greeting is from Heard From the Heart.
This second card uses the same frame, but I went to town with the ribbon roses. I wanted to try the roses as a focal point, instead of just an accent. I made the vase out of an oval punch. Does it look like a vase full of flowers? The same greeting from the first card, it has rhinestone brads as accents and popped up on dimensionals.

I can hear you now..."How did you make those wonderful ribbon roses, Julie?" Well, thanks to a bit of blog hopping, I found the instructions online. Can I find them now, to give to you? Well, of course not! I guess I'll try to post a tutorial in the next day or that I know where the pictures are uploading to!

Thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station.

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