Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stampin' Up! Supplies Aren't Just for Paper Crafting....

I love helping my kids with their school project, especially when it means that we can make something really special with my Stampin' Up! supplies.  Look at this cool shield!  My son Nate's class is finishing up a unit on The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  To finish it up, they needed to make something and they had a list of choices.  Nate chose to make Peter's shield.  Of course my husband had to help with the design, cutting, and decoration.  He asked me if we had some cardboard that he could make the lion out of.  Well, you KNOW what's better than cardboard!  SU!  I got out my prized Red Glitter Paper, we traced the lion onto it, cut it out, and it shows wonderfully against the silver paint.  Sorry that the picture doesn't really do it justice.
You'll also notice that the crown on the shield is no ordinary crown.  Oh no!  I used Crystal Effects on it, then used my chunky glitter for a fabulous look.  The Crystal Effects really made it 3-D.  Oh, and hey, what do you think of the side view from our deck?  You'd never know that we lived in the middle of the city!  The main view looks over the valley to another hill, with the Cascade Mountains behind it.  Oh, how I love it!  There are real advantages to living on the side of a hill.  And yes, it's a big hill!

Well, thanks for stopping by the Stamping Station once again and indulging me in a bit of showing off my family and our fun crafting together. 

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  1. Awesome project and a great picture of Sir Nate, Julie!!

  2. Way cool, bet the other kids thought he did a really good job; and they'd be right!