Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awards! Cool!

How cool is this? Julie Temple sent me these awards - it totally made my day! I especially like the Fabulous award because it reminds me of a great new stamp set that is seriously high on my wish list!

So here are the rules:

First, list 5 addictions of mine. (only five???!!! Oiy!)

1. My computer!
2. Rubber Stamps ( you couldn't tell LOL!)
3. Playing Games. I love board, card, computer, Wii,.... My newest love is Wii Fit. My current online fav is Coffee Rush at Big Fish Games.
4. Singing and Music. It lightens my spirit. I love to listen to Contemporary Christian music because the words repeat in my head and helps me praise God all day long. It's a great attitude adjustor. I find myself singing or humming softly, even in stores. (I do get a lot of heads turning my way, like people aren't used to seeing others be visibly joyful or something.)
5. Camping. I'm not a dirt or backpack camper. We have a pop-up tent trailer. I like to go places that have beautiful grass. That way the floor of the trailer stays decently clean and I can walk around barefoot. Maybe walking around barefoot should be one of my top 5's, because I even garden barefoot! (Gross when I step on a slug.) Camping is even better when we go with family, which happens at least twice a year.

Now I need to pass on the awards to 5 deserving blogs, link them, and let them know:

1. Joanne - she's a wonderful stamping friend. I do love our stamping playdates and her amazing talent helps me to reach a little farther in my creations.
2. Sharon - my wonderful & fun upline. It amazes me that she has any time to stamp and be an upline - she's crazy busy with her family. I don't know how she manages.
3. Diane - I love her stamping ideas. I love her blog. I've never met her, but the emails we've exchanged make me think she's very sweet.
4. Barb - My wonderful online friend who's been through so much and still finds some time to stamp and blog. I admire her perseverance.
5. Janet - I've met her once and exchanged emails with her. I love her stamping. We're sidelines, but live in different states.

Wow! It wasn't easy just listing 5. I could go on and on. Now I'm going to go let these wonderful people know about their awards.

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  1. Julie, thanks so much for the honor and for your very kind words. I am so glad I have been accepted as part of your demo family, it has been a joy, a blessing, and an inspiration to me.

  2. Awww, thanks! I'm honored to be included in such a great group.