Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Wonderful Friends!

My sweet blogging buddy Anne Harada sent me this lovely! Isn't that sweet???!!! She's an incredible stamper and I totally look up to her as a master creator of lovely things. And she gave this to ME! Honestly, I'm really, seriously feeling honored and unworthy. So, if you want to see a master at work, go check out her blog.

To pass on this wonderful charm, I have a few buddies.

1. Georgeann has a fun site with great themes to her posts. I LOVE her watercoloring. It's GORGEOUS!!!

2. Carrie is a new friend and sideline. I met her at convention and she is a sweetie! She has some great style going.

3. Joanne is someone I want to tag, even though she also received the award from Anne. :-D

4. Britiney is also a new friend and sideline of mine. She was one of the display stampers at convention! Yes, she's amazing!

So, thank you for checking out my blogging buddies. They are fantastic stampers and friends. I treasure them.

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  1. Congrats on your blog award, Julie!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. You are so kind and thoughtful. Congrats on your award, you are definitely worthy. Your work rocks!!!!